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Introduction. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, everyone must respect the rules of social distancing. During this time, most of the people have felt trapped in a continuous loop in which the concept of time and space was just a distant dream. Even if the economic situation during this pandemic is not so dramatic many people have been unmotivated to work, most of them, currently working remotely. Switching to online is more difficult to keep up with everyday work activities. However, many jobs can be successfully done remotely. Unfortunately, while working from home, the employees can be easily distracted, which lowers their productivity.

Aim of the study. Reaching a minimum level of motivation and productivity, we decided to include in this research paper a case study on the motivation of the artistic staff within an event organizing companyduring the pandemic. By reviewing the results of the case study we want to analyze the specific factors of the human resources management that have an impact on the evetns organinzing comapnies including the evolution of the motivation and introduce some ways that can grow the motivation and make employees feel comfortable while working from home.
Keywords: Motivation, Pandemic, COVID – 19, Crisis, Productivity, Human Resource Management.
JELClassification: I260, M12

Introduction. The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has triggered an unprecedented social and economic crisis by terrifying the very core of human existence. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected entire business segments especially educational services for children because the main way of working – direct interaction – was completely disturbed. Numerous questions arise such as: What is the first thing you can do as an organization in times of deadlock?, What options are left in the race of survival?, What are you heading for, as an organisation, in time of total uncertainty?In this respect, Fun Science Romania may provide answers as it is the Romania’s leading science enrichment provider, delivering unique science experiences for children. This study is based on findings from fifteen years of practice in science events area.

Aim of the study. The spaper describes consequences of COVID 19 on Fun Science Romania, an organization providing educational services. It also reveals the best strategic options according to SWOT analysis. The aims of the paper are to present the challenges and opportunities in educational management during COVID-19 pandemic.
Keywords: educational management, COVID 19, Fun Science, challenges, opportunities
JEL Classification: A10, I20, M10

Introduction. The appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted all the current activities of our life, from the daily activities, work, the activities we carry out for recreation, as well as those of care, medical.

Aim of the study. The aim of the paper is to review the discoveries and innovations that have occurred in the time since the pandemic of COVID19. The authors have followed those innovations that have appeared in the medical system and can help the patient in his fight against the disease as well as those innovations that significantly help prevent the spread of this dangerous, uncontrollable and treatment-resistant virus. In the literature review, the authors approached a number of thirteen works published in the literature starting with March of this year. In the future, they would like to continue this article by reviewing the literature in half a year so that we can make a comparison and draw relevant conclusions that will help us to take fair and effective measures to combat COVID-19. The result is a selection of innovations that have appeared in the world during this period.
Keywords: COVID-19, innovation, discovery, pandemic.
JEL Classification: I12, I15, I18