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Introduction. Talent management could be defined currently as ,,all the systems and processes that enable a company to attract, develop and retain employees with highly qualified” but given different interpretations we observe that ,,talent management” has a different meaning for each company. Some organizations aim to manage talent throughout the company, while others are just managing employees with high potential.

Aim of the study. This paper aims to highlight that talent management is applied differently from one organization to another depending on the type and stage of development where they are. Approaches to this subject differ so greatly from one company to another, that a process for some is “nice to have”, and for others it is a process having a significant impact in business. Yet top companies have created worldwide selection networks through which talented peopleare recruited to be hired within such (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, etc.). The budgets meant for identifying people with high potential are especially generous and therefore these companies have long-term collaboration with universities in various countries. It is true that talented people have a few areas in wich they excel and companies need to support them to develop these skills/competencies but at the same time, they have to ,,cultivate’’ also their social skills in order to integrate into organization and thus to help them but also the organization to develop harmoniously and be permanently competitive.
Keywords: Talent, organization
JEL Classification: M11, M12, M14, M54