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Introduction. Retail financial services in all markets, including emerging markets, are undergoing major transaction, driven by change, deregulation and customer sophistication. Customer service and specifically relationship management in particular, are crucial to attaining a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. The execution of a one- to- one programme within an emerging economy is the focus of this paper, specifically in the financial services environment.

Aim of the study. The steps in the execution of customer relationship management (CRM) as proposed by Peppers, Rogers and Dorf (1999b) are examined and the effect on customer service in an emerging market is investigated. The findings indicates that there are positive associations with these steps and customer service.
Keywords: Retail, Financial services, Emerging markets, Customer service, Competitive advantage, Customer relationship management.

Introduction. Today the shifts in global economic, social, demographic and political trends will continue to put a tremendous pressure both on food supplies and on oil supplies, creating new challenges for food and oil manufacturers and consumers

Aim of the study. This paper aims to tackles the following key aspects: the economic and social perspectives of the world’s frozen food industry; the work done towards a sustainable, secure and healthy food supply; the need to ensure fair prices and a wide range of food and food access solutions; the need to implement a more environmentally sustainable, more resilient, profitable and competitive food chains; the need to deliver wholesome, healthy, safe and ethical and healthy food products; the solutions needed to support the retail frozen marketplace on long run; the need to create a balance between the costs of the retail frozen products and the prices of these products; the perspectives offered by the freezing technology and the quality of the products; the key developments to date concerning the world’s frozen food market, the countries where these types of products are mostly used and the world’s biggest frozen food producers and consumers.
Keywords: world’s frozen food market, frozen food industry, retail, foodservice, food safety and quality, freezing systems and technologies, key developments, sustainability, social responsibility opportunities, an economic and social perspective
JEL Classification: F63, I15, O00, O10, O14, Q01, Q55

Introduction. In consumer relations, the retail companies carry out specific external marketing activities using appropriate tools: catalogues, online marketing actions, external advertising etc.

Aim of the study. The aim of this paper is to analyze the advertising catalogues from the following types of stores: proximity shops, discounters, supermarkets and hypermarkets and to identify and describe retail marketing strategies as they turned out from them. The research methodology was based on a quantitative research method. In this sense, the authors present the external marketing strategies and the company’s general strategies. Also, in retail marketing strategies, product and price strategies are essentially dependent on vendor strategies, while the business firm has more control over promotion and distribution. Following the analysis carried out, the authors conclude that in composing the mix, the trading company has total control over the combination of brands and products and low control over the product lines within the brands. The paper contributes to a better understanding of the retail marketing strategies.
Keywords: retail, company, marketing strategy, advertising catalogue, external marketing strategies, general strategies
JEL Classification: L20, M31