Author: Raluca Mazilescu

Introduction. This paper aims to identify the long-run relationships between the quality of the education system, public trust in politicians, wastefulness of government spending and tax compliance in the area of individual income taxation (taxpayer’s behaviour).

Aim of the study. Using data for Romania during 2007-2017 period, the analysis identifies a long-run relationship between the variables.
Keywords: tax policy; tax behaviour; tax compliance; cointegration; unit root; stationarity; Romania
JEL Classification: H21; H26

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Introduction. The development of information and communication technology has a significant impact on marketing strategies implemented by economic operators and decision makers . Tourists may change their way of accessing information, planning holidays or/and their tourism consumption patterns, but they can influence the behaviour of other consumers by sharing experiences. Social media platforms allow them to communicate these experiences. Based on this information, the travel planning process is facilitated.

Aim of the study. This paper presents features of the social media channels, and the importance of social media in the tourism industry is underlined.
Keywords: social media, tourism, destination marketing
JEL Classification: L83, L86

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