Author: Petru Ionescu-Caibulea

Introduction. Today, more than ever before, modern leadership calls for a greater interest in message composing and conveying from the perspective of persuasive communication. High performance requires varied, extensively elaborated capacities used with maximum impact at the proper moment.

Aim of the study. This paper aims to highlight that now when the communication means are rather developed and varied and quite easily accessible by anybody, besides the other capacities a real leader should feature, oratory or the art of (public) speaking takes its place back and redefines its part in relation to these modern means of conveying messages precisely by recurring to the ”human” essence of the communication relation. Amid the hundreds, thousands of electronic messages, face-to-face interaction fetches that bundle of feelings and emotions the bits and hertz still fail to convey.
Keywords: Oratory, Leadership, Persuasive communication, Motivation, Empathy, Public speaking, Efficiency, Rhetoric, Expressivity

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