Author: Florentina Șușnea

Introduction. Management is that tool of the manager who helps seek and find the path to progress toward development of the organization. An effective organizational management must lead to finding those levers to motivate all stakeholders in the development of the activity of entities, managers, employees and shareholders. Today, more than ever, CEOs and financial ones are facing complex issues that are basis for achieving their business objectives and strategic vision. An organization cannot conduct business without resorting to its management coordination function, coordination that takes place throughout the activity. Profit and loss control represents means to exercise overall control of the output of the organization activity. Management functions exist in a mutual inter-conditioning, they should not be viewed separately and none of them should be neglected or ignored.

Aim of the study. This paper tries to develop an understanding on the important functions of management and the relationship it has with fiscality.
Keywords: functions management, company development, organizational management, management process, fiscal policies.
JEL Classification: G0, H25, H30,M12

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