Author: Dan Păuna

Introduction. Any organization, irrespective of the field, needs skilled leaders who have a vision and confidence in action.The leader plays various roles and the key issue is to determine how they influence the performance of the team they coordinate.

Aim of the study. The research method used was the mathematical modeling applied to the example of a team. The aim of the research is to identify the cooperation method in order to improve workers’ performance but also to minimize the possible conflicts which can affect the level of performance. The results of this research led us to conclusions regarding the characteristics of the team leader.
Keywords: leader, organization, performance, models
JEL Classification: D23, F15

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Introduction. Top management which directs and controls the overall activity of the organization, in general, is responsible for planning and interpreting of the purpose of the organization for determining, its business strategy and its main policies.

Aim of the study. This paper aims to highlight that one of the main problems facing commercial establishments offering commercial services is to find a way to differentiate the offer keeping in mind deal that these units dealing with services and whose main characteristic is intangibility. One of the ways standing out the offer is to make ensure that there are good quality services. This can not be obtained without the services of a highly motivated staff who understands the importance of their work in the smooth running of the enterprise.
Keywords: Top management, nominal scale, Likert’s scale, semantics scale, styles of leadership: authoritarian, participatory, autonomous, and indefinite.
JEL Classification: D23, M12, M51.

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Introduction. It is extremely important that in the case of supplying public services of general economic interest, the institutions should understand the consumers’ desires and should make sure that supplying these services in the limits considered to be normal improves the consumers’ perception. The importance of services’ quality satisfies or not the citizen, satisfaction which is based on the identification and classification of attributes that help to a better understanding of perception, which will lead to the increase of users’ satisfaction.

Aim of the study. This paper emphasizes a study on the relevance of the basic attributes, according to consumers, of public services supply in Focșani, using the results of practical – theoretical research done with Serqual model.
Keywords: Serqual model, the public services, the consumer perceptions, the citizen satisfaction
JEL Classification: D12, L32,L95, P46

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