Author: Afërdita Berisha-Shaqiri

Introduction. Today, businesses are using IT technology and IT systems to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of project management and business processes, as well as for supporting decisions and group collaboration. Nowadays, the development of a business can not be imagined without application of computing, tools and its methods. Projects are a special way of development and an important form for achieving the goals defined in the development plans of the company, locality or country. Projects provide rational utilization of rare funds and resources, contributes to revenue growth, economic sustainability, and better quality of life in general. Fulfilling these key objectives depends on what extent the planned project meets the parameters. A project, technically, is a temporary attempt to create a unique product or service to achieve a specific goal. Good projects need good plans. Planning is an important repeating process that communicates with the purpose of the project by defining which processes will be used, how they will be executed and controlled, and finally how to successfully complete the project within the time and budget planning.

Aim of the study. The purpose of this paper is to promote the importance of project management with the help of IT technology and adequate software, indicating that this process is very complicated, which requires detailed planning, strict organization and effective control process. Therefore, with the help of IT, in a best way we can manage and control project risk, increase profitability, increase the speed of information flow between managerial levels and reduce costs.
Keywords: Project, IT, management, planning, processes, business

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