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Introduction. Given that the underground economy, as a whole, can stand for and/or deepen the budgetary deficit of any country, by diminishing the level of revenues to the state budget, leading, as a consequence, to restrictions as to the public spending volume, thereby adversely influencing the living standard of its population, the focus of the study is related to laying, to a reasonable extent, the general framework, for limiting, via well-grounded macroeconomic fiscal policies and other related, targeted measures, the negative effects of the same.

Aim of the study. The aim of the paper is to reveal the main causes and consequences of the underground economy, seen as a mix between the shadow economy, reflecting the officially unreported monetary transactions, and the black economy, consisting in the criminal monetary transactions associated with the latter.
Keywords: underground economy, shadow economy, black economy, budgetary deficit, macroeconomic policies
JEL Classification: E26, E61, H62

Introduction. The shadow economy, perceived herein as reflecting the monetary transactions unreported to the related authorities, thereby being “exempted” from the payment to the same of the related taxes, represents a key issue affecting countries all around the world by decreasing, to a larger or lesser extent, the general welfare.

Aim of the study. Considering its importance, adequate measures should be taken so as to succeed in turning a situation apparently unsolvable into a favourable one. However, given that, despite of the law-related risks to which they are subject, the individuals involved in such activities are animated by very strong reasons to proceed that way, finding best possible solutions, either punitive in nature or stimulating and motivational, is a matter not only of knowledge, but also one of creative ideas, and, certainly, not a panacea, but a situational process.
Keywords: shadow economy, tax avoidance, welfare, macroeconomic policies, creative ideas
JEL Classification: E26, E61, H62