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Introduction. The human resources management is extremely important today due to the fact that it offers each and every company the opportunity to evaluate its most important asset, the personal, based on the past and present evolution, while using the appropriate policies, measurements and instruments, as well as by taking into consideration its general rules and regulations.

Aim of the study. This paper aims to highlight the following key aspects: first of all, the notions of human resources management and strategic personnel planning are defined and analysed; second of all, the necessity and the importance of creating and using comprehensive human resources management policies and instruments is taken into account; third of all, a case study done in a Romanian organization is presented, in terms of a quantitative and qualitative analysis; fourth of all, the results of the case study are presented and future predictions are made concerning the situation of similar organizations in Romania as well as in other countries worldwide; fifth of all, the concussions of this research paper are drawn, the limitations are presented and justified and the future research plans are presented.
Keywords: human resources management, policies, instruments, strategic personnel planning, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, Romania’s situation.
JEL Classification: J24, M00, M50, M51, M53, M54, O15, O20

Introduction. Today the financial market system, as a whole, and the financial market, in particular, are both facing numerous challenges. The elements addressed in our research come to present in a broad and accurate manner these challenges, in an attempt to forecast the financial market’s next steps and figures, and to make light on the nearest provocations that the social, political and economic environment are all bringing.

Aim of the study. In the first part of this research paper, elements such as monetary, fiscal, financial, business, investment, labour, economic, property and political freedom features are being presented, starting from the complex definitions of these concepts, continuing with an in-depth analysis of these concepts and their roles and importance in today’s society structure. In this regard, numerous valuable examples of successful economic and political structures are being presented, in order to emphasize the nations’ potential in terms of monetary, fiscal, financial, business, investment, labour, economic, property and political freedom. In the second part of this scientific work, the role and the importance given to the financial markets nowadays is being presented, starting from the definitions of the financial markets, continuing with the challenges that these types of markets are facing today, given the monetary challenges, the fragility of the economic systems world-wide, the insecurities brought by the continuously changing public policies, the financial “game” that is “played” between the banks and the capital markets, as well as the investments’ role at the level of the economy. In the third part of this paper, Romania’s situation is being addressed taking into consideration the latest data and analysis provided by the National Bank of Romania (September 2016) based on the discoveries and the general conclusions of the document named “Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (D.S.G.E.) model estimated for Romania”.
Keywords: financial markets, capital markets, monetary freedom, fiscal freedom, financial freedom, business freedom, investment freedom, labour freedom, economic freedom, property freedom, political freedom, economic and political features, money, banks, investments, Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (D.S.G.E.) Model, National Bank of Romania (N.B.R.), Romania’s situation
JEL Classification: D53, E00, E44, E50, E58, F21, F38, F43, G00, G01, G10, G17, G18, G32

Introduction. Although tobacco products and tobacco crelated products have been described in numerous occasions by different worldwide known researchers, health specialists, political and public figures, as well as health associations as being extremely dangerous and harmful for individuals’ heath (being reported that “smoking causes many kinds of cancer, heart disease and respiratory illnesses which are fatal for many sufferers”), due to the physiologically and psychologically addictive nature (and not only) of their key ingredients (among which especially nicotine, which according to the specialists can be associated more with the effects induced by “heroin and cocaine – rather than shopping, chocolate or the Internet”), the tobacco industry seems to flourish year by year, although “it never claimed any health benefits”, gaining more and more market share and brand share by attracting more and more customers.

Aim of the study. This paper aims to addresses the following key aspects: first of all, the article is keen on providing an answer to the following question: “What is the place of the tobacco market and tobacco companies worldwide?” in order to show the importance of tobacco and tobacco related products worldwide and to stress the importance of this continuously growing market worldwide (despite its controversial nature); second of all, this paper is focused on providing an answer to the following question: “What is the evolution of the land devoted to growing tobacco and its importance for the tobacco companies worldwide?” in order to show connection that exists between the following elements: the land devoted to growing tobacco has known a continuous growth between 2000 and 2012 (and, of course, until today), due to the role played by tobacco and tobacco related products in the lives of the consumers worldwide; the tobacco companies become more and more powerful and more and more reach with each year; the lands devoted to growing tobacco are especially found in less developed countries and statistics have shown that a significant number of children are used in the tobacco industry; third of all, this work focuses itself on providing an answer to the following question: “Which are the biggest tobacco companies in the world?” in order to present the world’s tobacco industry leaders, as well as the latest trends and future predictions concerning this strong and competitive industry; and fourth of all, this research paper intends to provide an answer to the following question: “What are the latest tobacco market trends and hidden opportunities in Romania?” in order to show the latest tobacco market trends and hidden opportunities in Romania.
Keywords: tobacco market, tobacco companies’ worldwide, growing tobacco, tobacco related products, enterprise value, nicotine and tar addiction, market trends, market share, product revenue, profit, brand, hidden opportunities, sustainable economic growth, waste, Romania’s situation.
JEL Classification: D40, L66, Q18, P45, I00, O00