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Introduction. Current leadership is different from the one belonging to the last century’s society, and in the future, it will certainly be different from today. The difference is not one that relates to the philosophy and physiognomy of shape, but one that is structured on the philosophy of science dynamism and the complexity of social, economic, financial, informational and cognitive dynamics.

Aim of the study. This paper aims to highlight that in an open society, in which general management and even educational management move significantly towards complexity, leadership too will embody forms and formulas that take o leader out of traditional form of leader-hero, virile and good at everything, loved and followed, in favor of a teammate leader, a node network leader, one who will play a creative, innovative and distributive role, a cognitive and universal leader. This change of philosophy and physiognomy towards the creation of creation and innovation, towards knowing, encouraging and protecting those that step outside their limits, is what I consider as one of the fundamental characteristics of the leadership of the century that we just stepped into.
Keywords: leader, leadership; management; present, future