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Introduction. Comparative management studies (parochial, ethnocentric, polycentric comparative, geocentric) allow us to define the scope of investigation starting from specific cultures, the similarities and differences between various cultures, from investigating multinational corporations, thus establishing the meaning of the evolution of management in the globalization era.

Aim of the study. Through this analysis we intend to briefly present some of the common elements of management in each country and, at the same time, to point out some of the notable differences. Within our analysis, we consider some peculiarities of the specific management models of enterprises in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, France and Spain. In this regard, we shall use, inter alia, Geert Hofstede’s model regarding the cultural dimensions in management (individualism / collectivism, certainty / uncertainty, masculinity / femininity, high power distance / low power distance).
Keywords: management, result, effect, individual, global, managerial culture