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Introduction. The dynamics of the business environment has led to a growing competition. Everyone dreams of their own business. The question is: how do I create a business and how do I develop it? Do I have entrepreneurial skills? Given the decline in purchasing power, one of the most sensitive aspects of the economic system is also emphasized: the price. The difference between companies lies in the service provided for consumers as an additional element for purchasing the product.

Aim of the study. A new type of economic offer appears: the experience, which represents the quality of the time that the consumer spends with that company. What you sell is the very experience. Experiences are a new source of value and are events that involve people at a personal level. The new offer of experiences occurs whenever a company intentionally uses its services as a stage and its goods as stage props in order to involve a client.
Keywords: entrepreneur, innovation, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial skills.
JEL Classification: L25, M21, O16

Introduction. Two university events took place in spring and autumn 2019, having the following themes: Sustainable Education & Development in EU28 and Entrepreneurial Student Societies in Romania of the Creative Students. The objectives of the two events were the formation of the student leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Partner in the organization of these two events was a Romanian training & consultancy company which held two workshops whose themes were: transformational leadership and business simulation. In the former event, there was a team decision-making exercise which lay the stress on the leader’s role. The participant students were also administered a career questionnaire. In the latter event, there was a strategy building case-study and company coordination for a whole year. A focus group was also achieved, dealing with how the digital organization and the leader of the future look like. The main issues were certain concepts regarding the difference between a manager and a leader, the roles of the leader, the methods of the team decision-making, the leader’s necessary skills for building of a digital organization.

Aim of the study. The paper describes the results of the two workshops, each event involving about seventy students from more than ten university centers from Romania, as well as students from abroad – Europe and Africa. The research methodology was based on both quantitative and qualitative methods. The romanian academic environment is ready to develop talents in the entrepreneurship and leadership field. Millennials represent a major change in the employment market, and their vision about digital organization and the leader of the future helps companies to adapt their organizational culture to the new managerial profile.
Keywords: university events, leadership skills, entrepreneurial skills, digital organization, leader of the future
JEL Classification: L22, M14, M53