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Introduction. Nowadays, the interest for attracting talented employees represents one of the most significant organizational goal. The talents role in the organization has been highlighted in the last decades as an important asset in creating added value to the company. According to Barney (1997) human capital is” a rare and difficult to imitate resource” through which organizations achieve high level of productivity and organizational performance. To achieve this goal, companies must create strategies to succeed in attracting valuable employees into the organization. Lately, a successful strategy for attracting talents is the creation of an attractive employer brand.

Aim of the study. Without being an exhaustive approach, this paper aims to explore the relation between employer branding and the attraction of talented employees. Also, this article discusses some factors that organizations can use for developing an attractive employer branding through which they could achieve the recruitment goals. The study is a theoretical research which has some limitations: it was not tested in practice; its development is based on the information from the literature review and the research of the most reputed brands strategy. Second limitation consists in using only three factors (credibility achieved through the public relations strategy, employee value preposition and brand visibility) for developing a model of an attractive employer brand construction. Given these limitations, it is worth continuing and expanding research in this area.
Keywords: human capital, talents, employer brand, competitiveness, recruitment
JEL Classification: M1, M5