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Introduction. Business storytelling is a leadership tool, which, as recent studies show, has a significant influence on the employees’ performance and the competitiveness of the organizations. The American researchers in this field emphasize that a business cannot exist without a story – there’s no business without story business.

Aim of the study. The research addresses a new concept introduced into the managerial practice of the insurance industry from Romania and it aims to test the hypothesis that success, performance and competitiveness of the organizations in the insurance industry depend also on the quality of the leadership and the leaders’ ability to use storytelling, taking into account the intangibility of the insurance products. The main tool that this exploratory, qualitative research has used is the structured interview with three target groups, which we considered to be relevant: CEOs/managers of insurance companies and insurance brokerage firms, public relations specialists and economic journalists. The results of our research endeavours may be of interest for both the managers, employees and communication specialists in the insurance industry and the business world in general, for which the introduction of storytelling in the leadership practices might increase the attractiveness not only for employees, but also for stakeholders and customers.
Keywords: Storytelling, leadership, insurance, communication, efficiency