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Introduction. All media companies face the issue of dramatic market changes and consumers’ habits. The new technologies, the competition represented by the e-commerce companies and the huge number of nonjournalists content producers have major impact on the mass media industry. Strategies and business models must led to the best use of resources, keeping the constant market shares, and thus increasing profitability. Flexible strategies, market knowledge, loyal readership, the ability to innovate and adaptability to change are the elements that prepare businesses for an era of personalized information, as mass-media are ones of the few industries whose products are exclusively intangible-conceptual and non-material.

Aim of the study. The economic goals that media industry management needs to achieve are as important as the responsibility towards society and customers. The major focus of mass media management is finding the model to ensure the optimal balance between the costs involved by producing quality content, gaining trust and readership loyalty, managing digital and technology successfully as mandatory elements for revenue growth and business stability.
Keywords: management objectives, advertising market, readership, audience measurement
JEL Classification: M10, M20, L29