Author: Orlando Voica

Introduction. The economic crisis revealed the importance of organizational capability to adapt to the everlasting changing environment. While change has become a regular feature of organisational life, leadership plays a crucial role in this endeavour. The change success can be assessed considering different parameters such as organizational context, factor necessitating change, strategy for change and actors involvement.

Aim of the study. The aim of this paper is to highlight the importance of the organizational communication to the most important leadership effects – the success of changes within the Romanian companies. A set of hypotheses are tested in order to identify the links between the success of change implementation and elements such as objectives and organizational communication components. A set of hypothesis was tested during our research, using specific methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis and the SPSS software. The results of our research, limited to the purpose and the sample size, shows that that organizational communication is liable to the success of changes promoted by leaders within Romanian firms.
Keywords: leaders, organizational change, organizational communication
JEL Classification: L29, C59, O52, M13

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Introduction. The never-ending changing of environment highlighted by the economic crisis revealed the importance of organizational ability to pursue change. While change has become a steady reality of organizational life, organizations have their own evaluation criteria for each transformational endeavor. Typically, the success of organizational changes is assessed considering parameters such as improvement in activities or cost reduction.

Aim of the study. This paper examines organizational change, focusing on the outputs of the implementation process. Through a questionnaire-based survey, we sought after factors that characterize the outputs of organizational changes within Romanian companies. We have shown that among various outputs, a few of them characterize the successful achievement of the change’s goals.
Keywords: organizational change, change effectiveness, output indicators, routines, skills improvement
JEL Classification: L29

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