Author: Mihai-Cristian Trandafir

Introduction. Without a comprehensive and generally accepted definition, but with a long history, the innovation concept is used, in different approach, for almost all areas of live. It has been, and continues to be an important topic of study in all spheres of science and a term often used by policymakers, practitioners and academics from various fields. The “need for innovation” appears in all spheres of science, new innovation theories continue to develop, and a tendency to shift the innovation models from macro-level to organization (firm) level is manifested.

Aim of the study. The paper offers, from the autopoietic system theory perspective, a new vision of the innovation concept, which can be interpreted as similar, but not equal, with the survival knowledge process. We propose a new approach of the concept of innovation as knowlegde, both for new possibilities of evolution of the organisation, as well as for new, yet inactive, perturbation in enviroment and internal organisation (structure). Moreover, the more knowlegde is embeded in the organisation, about the enviroment and internal structure, the numer of possibilities is reduced (even if the reduction is from a high number of infinities to a lower numer of infinities).
Keywords: innovation, autopoietic system theory, creativity, knowledge, system view of creativity
JEL Classification: A10, O00, O30

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