Author: Mihaela Ioniță

Introduction. In the speciality literature, a number of studies have been written and are still written today, which show the necessity of redefining the notion of manager regarding the elements that define the leader within the organization. Over time, a series of analyzes have been put in place to determine whether a person has a leadership role following a development process or whether leadership skills are skills with which a person is born with. The concept of an efficient manager should not be confused with the concept of leader because in the case of the first concept, the attribute used to achieve the results remains the authority with which the manager is established, an attribute that the leader does not have. Leaders builds morale and improves satisfaction, by building and developing in employee’s confidence and by creating a warm and positive environment. We can observe without a doubt that successful organizations need leaders at all levels.

Aim of the study. The paper describes the concept of leadership and its influence on franchise organisations perfomance.Fun Science Romania, an international entertainment and education franchise initiated in Romania since 2005, understood the significant role of leadership especially during the financial crises of 2008. Finding the best leaders according the specific of the activity and the specific of the organization is a real challenge.
Keywords: leadership, manager, organization, leader,communicate, franchise, financial crises.

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Introduction. Can leadership skills raise a major science event for the community? What are the qualities needed to develop such an event that aims to become a tradition in a unfriendly society as the romanian society? Financial skills, credibility and communication are just a few of the leadership issues identified as important in successfully implementing a major scientific event.

Aim of the study. The paper describe leadership qualities identified as important by stakeholders of a major science event. This study is based on findings from seven years of practice in science events area. SCIKIDS Science Festival, is the largest youth science festival in Romania, celebrating 7 editions. The inaugural event was held on October 2013. In 2019 SCIKIDS Science Festival celebrated seven edition accumulating over 50.000 visitors.
Keywords: leadership, organization, leader,communicate, science event.

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