Author: Constandel Mircea Mihai

Introduction. The reality in different countries (and what we are experiencing in Romania shows the same), is that the majority of the organisational players are placing great emphasis on alignment and autonomy.

Aim of the study. This article analyses the reality of the actual global market, identifies some critical aspects around the performing organization and suggests some useful solutions to transform organizations in more successful players. The challenge of the 21st century is that, in order to survive, the companies must prove at the same time a high degree of autonomy – which helps them to rapidly respond to market demands, and a high level of alignment – which helps them build synergies. We will have a look at how the ‘ideal company’ would look like and will go through some examples of ways to cover the gaps between the current status and the status of ”Directed Opportunism”. At the end, we will identify areas of improvement and potential
solutions to grow organizational competitiveness.
Keywords: autonomy, global market, succesful players, organizational competitiveness

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