Author: Alexandru Daia

Introduction. This paper investigates the size of the rural population in Romania. If we define the rural community in Europe, we can say that more than half of the people in the 27 European states live in rural areas. As the surface of these rural localities occupies over 90% of the European Union territory, which is important because until recently, within the European Union’s policies, the rustic was considered a sector, and no emphasis was placed on its character and spatial size. From this position derived from the available studies and statistics, the study adopts desktop research methods from reliable sources to retrieve verified data to complete this study. The findings of the study are also outlined in the paper as follows. The study finds out the opposite trend in urbanization in Romania as more people are settling in rural areas than the rest of the countries across the European Union.

Aim of the study. This paper entails a discussion section where the data is well presented and explained using tables, graphs, and images to relay the information. The report concludes by outlining significant findings of the study like the opposite urbanization trends in Romania compared with UE countries.
Keywords: Rural Romania, Urban Romania, Romania GDP
JEL Classification: J64, B16

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