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Introduction. The advances of knowledge and science are immense, and the development based on them follows a galloping trend, even aggressive and precipitous, as a breakage of clouds. However, from the point of view of the security of systems, processes, society, economy and life, the world does not follow a straightforward, good, safe and precise direction, but a very complicated one in which the predictable, desired and calculated with rigor and precision effects are largely faded and even canceled by those that are chaotic and unpredictable.

Aim of the study. The strategic balance of mankind is a precarious one, based rather on balancing the threat than controlling it and its vulnerabilities. Of course, responsible people are aware of this dangerous trend and do their best to control it. But the chances of success in this increasingly uneven and increasingly vulnerable environment are, in turn, more and more controversial. And yet, such chances still exist.
Keywords: migration, development, war, security, sustainability
JEL Classification: Q01, O15, F220, F52, H56