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Introduction. The human resources management is extremely important today due to the fact that it offers each and every company the opportunity to evaluate its most important asset, the personal, based on the past and present evolution, while using the appropriate policies, measurements and instruments, as well as by taking into consideration its general rules and regulations.

Aim of the study. This paper aims to highlight the following key aspects: first of all, the notions of human resources management and strategic personnel planning are defined and analysed; second of all, the necessity and the importance of creating and using comprehensive human resources management policies and instruments is taken into account; third of all, a case study done in a Romanian organization is presented, in terms of a quantitative and qualitative analysis; fourth of all, the results of the case study are presented and future predictions are made concerning the situation of similar organizations in Romania as well as in other countries worldwide; fifth of all, the concussions of this research paper are drawn, the limitations are presented and justified and the future research plans are presented.
Keywords: human resources management, policies, instruments, strategic personnel planning, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, Romania’s situation.
JEL Classification: J24, M00, M50, M51, M53, M54, O15, O20