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Introduction. Mutual relations between the economic groth and social development are particularly complex. Development in the social sphere is strongly influenced by the characteristics and dynamics of economic environment. Long-term economic development and social progress determine, support and stimulate each other. Nevertheless, the results of economic growth is not automatically transferred to the social field, since a prosperous economy is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for individual and social welfare.

Aim of the study. The article analyses the main amendments brought by Law of the social work no. 292/2011 from the perspective of the social management and efficiency of social work system reform in Romania. Given the necessity of restructuration of the system of social benefits and services, the reform project outlines the responsibilities of the social actors in providing welfare and proposes a block of measures aimed to contribute at reducing social sector spending according to the austerity measures imposed by the economic crisis. The new management vision focused on reducing costs does not seem to provide suitable solutions for institutions functioning as it enables the harmonization of the economic efficiency with the social one. Received with scepticism by the public opinion and profoundly contested by the academic world, the reform project only partially succeeds in reaching proposed objectives of modernizing the social assistance system and supporting the people in need.
Keywords: law of social assistance, welfare system, social services, social assistance, social benefits.