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Introduction. The multiplication and diversification of the waste resulting from economic activities can be explained by the development of the society, which implies the waste as secondary effect. Apart from the positive effects on the global consumption, the economic activities have also negative effects on the humans and environment due to the waste generation. The sustainable management in the waste sector should increase the efficiency in the resources use and prevent waste generation, should find new production methods and new eco-designed products, so that the economic growth can be made with fewer natural resources and materials, with less energy consumption.

Aim of the study. The transition to a greener waste sector is an important issue for all the national economies and it suppose reducing and preventing waste generation, improving waste recycling and qualitative valorization, reducing the environmental impact of the waste, improving the existing national and international databases, encouraging green investments and a closer and a better collaboration between the local public administration authorities, the companies and the population and also between economic subjects from different countries.
Keywords: sustainable management, e-waste, municipal solid waste, recycle, reuse, remanufacturing.
JEL Classification: A13, D12, D18, D62, E61, F42, I15, O21, O25, O33