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Introduction.In the past decades, regional development has been a permanent source of interest among researchers and policymakers all over the world. The importance of entrepreneurship in the development of the national regional economies has been recognized largely in the specialty literature

Aim of the study. The aims of the present paper are to emphasize the importance of the rural entrepreneurship involvement in the regional development and to analyse the results of a research regarding the cooperation between the stakeholders of the local and regional development. A set of two hypotheses has been tested by using the data of a sociological survey focused on entrepreneurship and on the potential entrepreneurs from the rural area, belonging to five development regions. The results of our research highlight that the relationships between the rural area business environment and the other actors involved in the regional development (local public authorities, professional associations, institutions centred on regional development) are influenced by the framework of organisation and cooperation with the local business environment.
Keywords: entrepreneurship, potential entrepreneurs, public administration, regional development
JEL classification: P25; M13; R58

Introduction. The public resources that are invested in R&D have the purpose to stimulate the public-private partnerships, to foster innovations and to create a pool of knowledge and spill-overs to the targeted regions. The regions from the states from European Union need to apply RIS3 strategies for investments in R&D and innovation due to pre-existing conditions to access funds from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The European Commission launched an on-line Smart Specialization Platform (S3platform) to assist the members to develop, implement and compare smart specialization strategies and to offer data for national and regional authorities to identify the specific activities with high-added value to improve the regional competitiveness. Some indicators are presented to show the Romanian efforts for R&D and private innovation capabilities, the pre-identified potential for smart specialisation within the regions and some current evidence available on the S3platform.

Aim of the study. The aim of this article is to study the concept of Smart Specialization and to explore some evidences of how it is implemented in the regions from Romania. The concept refers to investments in knowledge activities and not in sectors. There are defined specific policy objectives that will have a specific impact in scientific and economic domains.
Keywords: smart specialization, research&development, innovation, regional development
JEL Classification: L52, O38, R11

Introduction. As a result of the economic and financial relapses following the international financial crisis started in 2007, the examination of the way in which the bank lending of the non-financial companies at regional level in Romania evolved is relevant on the one hand, by presenting the transformations suffered by the credit conditions, and, on the other hand through its implications on the level of regional development, the absorption of structural and cohesion funds offered by the European Union, access to financing, as and the use of new financing methods.

Aim of the study. The approach by which this research is carried out is based on a qualitative method, and considers the collection, analysis and interpretation of the data from 2015 and 2019 included in the surveys and statistical studies carried out by the specialists of the National Bank of Romania and other Romanian institutions. The results of research underline a sustained correlation between the evolution of bank lending and the other aspects mentioned above, highlighting the importance of access to bank financing at territorial level in order to increase the level of regional development in Romania.
Keywords: bank lending, credit conditions, regional development, European funds absorption
JEL Classification: G21, G32