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Introduction.Today is obvious that business means to be able to deliver what a client needs any time anywhere and to see where is your customers feeling in every social networks may exists. Today, if you own a business, is a must to monitor social networks about negative viral messages may appear about your products or services. All international companies have a specialized department about social networks and insights information of customers likes or dislikes.

Aim of the study. The main purpose of the paper is to illustrate the importance of new software tools that can help your business to monitor all social networks and combat all negative messages about your products or services. We really need this kind of software to see where all viral messages are in every social network of your products or services and take all measures necessary to diminish negative feelings. In the past we had seen some companies that have ignored negative viral messages and in the end that ended in negative profit figures.
Keywords: monitor social networks, negative viral messages, social networks software tools