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Introduction. Considering the examples of great personalities in the entire world, having imposed themselves as true leaders, who have constructively changed the history of their nations, we undertake to detect how much their decisions and actions were actually supported by the circumstances of the time, therefore identifying the extent of the real merits of the former. Leaders, by their conceptual meaning, represent individuals able to inspire trust to fellows and to move them to action, so that their behaviour is, without any doubt, significantly important in setting the patterns for the well-being of the people coordinated by the same, but without stimulating grounds, the synergic effect of their endeavours may remain ineffective.

Aim of the study. The present paper analyses the impact of national political leaders on the economic growth of a country, trying to reveal the favourable contexts and the available mechanisms at their hand, allowing them to exert such positive influence, as well as the constrains impeding the same to succeed in their attempt to outperform.
Keywords: national leaders, political leadership, economic growth, decision-makers, synergic effect
JEL Classification: F43, O10, O15

Introduction. The impact of leadership on economic welfare is therefore perceived from a double perspective: on one hand, company true leaders, exerting positive influences on the organisations they lead by providing jobs and by increasing revenues to the sate budget and, on the other hand, national true leaders, holding the mechanisms for stimulating, by their actions, both consumption and investment and, thus, for sustaining a sound economic growth.

Aim of the study. This paper has as main purpose to reveal, via a series of examples taken from real life, the dependence of economic welfare on good leadership, irrespective on the context of manifestation of the latter. Be they company leaders, therefore leaders acting at microeconomic level, or national leaders, herein embodied by governmental leaders, monetary authority leaders or presidential leaders, making decisions at macroeconomic level, true leadership is a continuous source of well being for any economy, as it represents the coagulation of miscellaneous economic touch constructive ideas and facts.
Keywords: company leaders, national leaders, economic welfare, microeconomic context, macroeconomic approach
JEL Classification: I31, O11, O12, M10, H20

Introduction. Leaders may be encountered in any field of activity and at any level: we may talk about leaders of small groups, family leaders, institutional leaders, project leaders, national leaders and so on. As leaders are dominant individuals succeeding in coagulating other forces around, being highly successful as result of the leading actions carried out or remaining for a long time, sometimes forever, in the memory of people, becomes the attribute of a subdivision thereof, namely great leaders.

Aim of the study. The present paper is meant to reveal groups of Romanian great leaders, having proved their ability in bringing, directly or indirectly, their contribution, at economic, social or strategic level, to a prosperous evolution of their domestic country or having imprinted a direction towards such future favourable evolution.
Keywords: Romanian leaders, great leaders, institutional leaders, project leaders, national leaders
JEL Classification: M12