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Introduction. Leadership is often considered a desired way of managing things. It reveals specific personal characteristics through which leaders involve people into processes. Coaching has to do with a specific way of interaction between a coaching manager and the people receiving the benefit of it. In fact, a coach behaves like a proper leader and a coached individual like a follower. At the same time, leadership is different from coaching.

Aim of the study. Main objectives of this paper are the following: to explain the leadership process in relationship with coaching, to provide a set of measures to develop life coaching from leadership way of thinking and to identify the young generation’s perception on coaching. The study reveals similarities between leadership and coaching, as well as differences and contributes to a better understanding of these concepts, based on a literature review. The research based on a questionnaire explains the effects of leadership on coaching process based on the students’ perceptions. Therefore, the paper includes a case study for higher education sector.
Keywords: leadership, life coaching, personal development, life model, student-professor relationship