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Introduction. In the multitude of methods and procedures for initiating and implementing new businesses over the past decade, the Lean Start Up methodology also follows the research conducted by IT entrepreneur Eric Ries from 2008. The Romanian economic context after the effects of the international financial crisis revealed an increasing trend, albeit variable, in terms of economic growth and the development of new business and entrepreneurial initiatives. This article aims to highlight the possible impact of the Lean Start Up methodology on entrepreneurial thinking and practice in Romania, both at the beginning of the road and in its continuous evolution.

Aim of the study. The paper first performs a research on specialized scientific literature, then focus on the presentation of the Laen Start Up methodology, on the advantages and limitations of the method in question, and on the implications of its use in Romania. The results of the research result in highlighting a number of possible guidelines and guidelines to follow regarding the application of the method to the newly established enterprises in Romania.
Keywords: Lean Start Up methodology, entrepreneurship, business model, startup, innovation-accounting
JEL Classification: M13, M16, M53, O31