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Introduction. The paper approaches in a correlative vision the issues of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, as vectors of the development of organizations in the contemporary economy. Relevant aspects regarding the entrepreneurial phenomenon and respectively the intrapreneurial phenomenon are presented, highlighting similarities, major differences, as well as areas of interference between them. The scientific approach continues with the exposition of important elements regarding the entrepreneur and the intrapreneur, as main actors of the entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial phenomena.

Aim of the study. Through the approached themes, the paper highlights aspects found in all types of organizations operating in the current business environment, considering that entrepreneurship is mainly linked to micro-enterprises and small companies, while intrapreneurship is manifested mostly in medium- and large-sized organizations.
Keywords: organization, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, entrepreneur, intrapreneur
JEL Classification: L26, M10, M21, O10.