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Introduction.The medical field is one of the most dynamic in Romania, regarding the adoption of IT. Dynamics is determined by two main factors. The first is related to the development of private health care market, and the second the benefits of using new technologies in medical processes. Telemedicine and advanced medical techniques are driven by new technologies. This paper aims to analyse the use of technology interoperability standards between applications and devices in medical institutions from Romania. Adoption of standards such as HL7 (Health Level 7), XML (eXtended Markup Language) and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) can increase the quality of medical processes in Romania and can help reduce the cost of medical processes.

Aim of the study. In the article present a brief study on the use of new technologies in SMURD (Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication). SMURD implementation is a clear proof of how technology could bring leadership in medical care.
Keywords: HL7, XML SOA, interoperability, system integration, web services
JEL Classification: O33

Introduction. The Single Euro Payments Area is a payment-integration project of the European Union. SEPA is aiming to create an integrated euro payments market and to harmonize the national and crossborder euro payment systems, making cross-border transactions as simple and cheap as national ones. The SEPA regulations is aiming to increase harmonization, through using of common payments formats and computer languages.

Aim of the study. The goal of using a common standard in the industry in order to facilitate interoperability among systems and infrastructures, will be more and more important. In this view, standardizing messages across institutions and companies has never been more important. The ISO 20022 provides interoperability and consistency to a highly complex industry, thereby reducing the risk of errors and speeding up processes.
Keywords: SEPA, payments, ISO 20022, infrastructure, interoperability.