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Introduction. The shock wave of the economic crisis touched all aspects of economic, social and political life, has overturned the value systems and has disrupted the daily life of human resources. The lack of expectations, of a safe and legal income, insufficient jobs and undervalued human capital have generated such human resources developments that, in the future, will turn against those who now don’t have a coherent policy in this area.

Aim of the study. The purpose of this paper is to pull a warning signal about the erosion of the recovery opportunities of a very special resource which, unlike others, is endowed with reactive qualities and decision power over their own developments. Without a framework for its development, the quality human resource leaves Romania while the other part of it survives as it can. All these situations are beginning to be passed on to new generations, some abandoned any form of struggle, giving up hope, education, evolution, and some being ready to find a position outside the country. The question that remains is: who will build the future of this country and what ‘nationality’ will have this?
Keywords: human resource, human capital, labor market, unemployment, employment
JEL Classification: J210, J240, I250

Introduction. Firms seeking competitive advantage therefore face a paradoxical situation. If they embrace diversity, they risk workplace conflict, and if they avoid diversity, they risk loss of competitiveness. The advantages and disadvantages associated with workforce diversity put organizations in a position of managing a paradoxical situation. To give support to this assertion, the paper considers what is meant by diversity, how it is best managed, what its relationship with creativity and innovation might be and how the problems created by the management of diversity, creativity and innovation might be resolved.

Aim of the study. This conceptual and discursive paper argues that diversity is a recognizable source of creativity and innovation that can provide a basis for competitive advantage. On the other hand, diversity is also a cause of misunderstanding, suspicion and conflict in the workplace that can result in absenteeism, poor quality, low morale and loss of competitiveness.
Keywords: management, creativity, innovation, human resource
JEL Classification: M10, M12, M54