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Introduction. The sustainable management it is very important, especially nowadays, when progress made as a result of the recent industrial revolutions allow to change the vision and the economic behavior in order to increase the economic efficiency. The sustainable management in the field of the buildings is particularly important because buildings have a major contribution to the greenhouse gas emissions, to the solid municipal caves and to the water consumption and also because the individuals spend a great part of their time indoors.

Aim of the study. In recent years, we can observe a worldwide preference for the green buildings, both for new buildings and for converted traditional old buildings, demonstrated by the numerous regulations in financial and legislation fields and thanks to the advantages that they bring to the inhabitants, to the owners, to the developers and entrepreneurs and to the State. Thanks to the last Industrial Revolutions, we are allow to use new equipment and products inside buildings, to transform their appearance or shape, their utility and their functionality, so they are more environmentally friendly and healthier.
Keywords: sustainable management, green building, energy consumption, modern materials, certification.
JEL Classification: A13, D19, D24, E29, E61, E62, F35, H 21, H 22, I15, I38, O12, O15, O16