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Introduction. Today the financial market system, as a whole, and the financial market, in particular, are both facing numerous challenges. The elements addressed in our research come to present in a broad and accurate manner these challenges, in an attempt to forecast the financial market’s next steps and figures, and to make light on the nearest provocations that the social, political and economic environment are all bringing.

Aim of the study. In the first part of this research paper, elements such as monetary, fiscal, financial, business, investment, labour, economic, property and political freedom features are being presented, starting from the complex definitions of these concepts, continuing with an in-depth analysis of these concepts and their roles and importance in today’s society structure. In this regard, numerous valuable examples of successful economic and political structures are being presented, in order to emphasize the nations’ potential in terms of monetary, fiscal, financial, business, investment, labour, economic, property and political freedom. In the second part of this scientific work, the role and the importance given to the financial markets nowadays is being presented, starting from the definitions of the financial markets, continuing with the challenges that these types of markets are facing today, given the monetary challenges, the fragility of the economic systems world-wide, the insecurities brought by the continuously changing public policies, the financial “game” that is “played” between the banks and the capital markets, as well as the investments’ role at the level of the economy. In the third part of this paper, Romania’s situation is being addressed taking into consideration the latest data and analysis provided by the National Bank of Romania (September 2016) based on the discoveries and the general conclusions of the document named “Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (D.S.G.E.) model estimated for Romania”.
Keywords: financial markets, capital markets, monetary freedom, fiscal freedom, financial freedom, business freedom, investment freedom, labour freedom, economic freedom, property freedom, political freedom, economic and political features, money, banks, investments, Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (D.S.G.E.) Model, National Bank of Romania (N.B.R.), Romania’s situation
JEL Classification: D53, E00, E44, E50, E58, F21, F38, F43, G00, G01, G10, G17, G18, G32