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Introduction.The basic function of money is to be exchanged by means of payment depending on the requirements and characteristics of trade. Conducting payments must be made in optimal conditions, thus ensuring fluency and safety of the entire payment process. Currency must react to modern means of payment, being influenced by external economic environment, society, contemporary civilization, conducting more frequent payments through banks and evolving to sign electronic monetary impulse, breaking total real value of the currency of contents constituting challenges and responses of the coin.

Aim of the study. Our research focuses on issues related to the payments sector, the Smartcard, the Electronic Banking, payment systems based on bank cards, the Cyber cash, and the electronic payment systems (1) Net Cash and (2) E-Cash, Micro-payment systems with (1) Millicent and (2) Cyber Coin, as well as the electronic check payments.
Keywords: electronic payment system, payments sector, smartcard, electronic banking, bank cards, cyber cash, net cash, e-cash, micro-payment systems, Millicent, cyber coin, electronic check payments, development, economic and a managerial perspective