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Introduction. The basis of the success of the private environment and of the organizations that make up it is the organizational behavior. This is the main responsible for the failure or the success of a company or organization. In organizational behavior, the assumed values, the resources involved, the staff, the leadership, but also the external elements, but with which a direct or indirect connection is created, are still involved. The sustainability of a company or organization is given by some elements that differentiate it from the competition, the image of the waters it created on the market, but also from a reputable assumption of what it has done or is about to do in the private environment.

Aim of the study. We will not be able to talk about companies having a successful organization without knowing the results and how it has achieved. Even if the strategies and actions are left in the shadow and known only internally, ensuring only that transparency of things that will be known does not mean that those strategies and actions did not exist. Within a successful company, at their core will be some defining components and elements applied consciously, responsibly, assumed and based on sound knowledge. A proposal to achieve sustainability over time within the organization will be described throughout the paper.
Keywords: organization, sustainability, vision, dimensions of sustainability, competitive differentiation
JEL Classification: L1, L2, M1