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Introduction.The automotive industry develops more and more advanced systems, sensors and actuators for cars. The sensors and actuators can communicate with car computers and their parameters can be changed in order to be more efficient. In the modern cars there are a lot of systems, called infotainment where you can set or view heat, air conditioning, fuel, parking sensors, rear camera, front radar and of course you can pair your mobile phone, you can listen to your favorite music or even see movies. Advanced systems have even Internet connection for your driving experience to be more fun or just for service stations to see what is wrong with your car.

Aim of the study. The main purpose of the paper is to illustrate the importance of implementing new securityc policies for infotainment systems in automotive industry. A car is full of technology and is easier today to control car systems through an internet connection linked to car system infotainment. This is how it is possible to gain control of critical car systems. More than 84% of users doesn’t even know the risk of remote control of the car in the presence of Internet connection.
Keywords: car infotainment, security of car systems, remote control of car systems