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Introduction. Since the concepts of disruptive and sustaining innovations of Christiansen made their way into the models and policies both public and private during the last decade, different new approaches emerged. We do have now reliable benchmarks in analyzing the innovation field, in understanding the global trends or the national ones, financed by NGO’s, IO’s or national agencies. Understanding how innovation might become dominant in certain markets or contexts, it’s important, but the focus seems to have moved towards the outcome of innovations, on their impact on growth and the general wealth of the societies.

Aim of the study. Hal Varian’s concept of “combinatorial innovation” underlined the ascend of a new period of a tremendous burst of innovation. Now we can quickly and conveniently combine different Internetbased components, which are all bits, to create entirely new products and services, available for everyone. The mushrooming of nudging logic based initiatives all over the world, open the room for a new discussion – to what extent the intended target audiences of nudging initiatives will participate in co-generating of the new policies and campaigns, based on the employment of the combinatorial innovation?
Keywords: innovation, social marketing, behavioural economics
JEL Classification: I18, M31, O30