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Introduction. The sustainable management in the field of the transport is particularly important because this sector is one of the main producers of the greenhouse gases, together with the sector of buildings and the industry. The purpose of this research is to illustrate the evolution and the positive and negative impact that sustainable transports have on the national economies in Romania, in the European Union and worldwide. Given the importance they have in different regions of the world the purpose of the research is determined by the fact that national policies, both at European Union level and at global level, must include aspects related to the green economy, both by encouraging private economic entities, as well as by a stronger state involvement, by a more efficient management.

Aim of the study. The quantitative and especially the qualitative methods aim to highlight the importance of sustainable transport for a green economy. The sustainable management it is very important, especially nowadays, when progress allow to change the vision and the economic behavior in order to increase the economic efficiency.
Keywords: sustainable management, green transport, transport demand, combined transport, avoiding transportation, green infrastructure.
JEL Classification: A13, D18, D62, E61, F69, G18, H53, I15, L62, L71, L91, L92, O18, R41, R42