Author: Valentin Mihai Leoveanu

Introduction. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the influence of mobile payments on the development and consolidation of E-commerce businesses in Romania, as well as the tendencies of using mobile banking and mobile payments applications by consumers in this area. At the same time, the author makes a brief comparison of the mobile payment companies in Romania for 2019, in order to outline the features, advantages and benefits offered by them in the current context of business transformation by digital disruption.

Aim of the study. The research methodology is based on the analysis and interpretation of the data provided by the recent studies conducted by specialized companies in the field of Ecommerce and mobile payments, as well as based on the comparison method used to classify the services offered by the mobile payment companies. The findings of the research show that the impact of the introduction and use of mobile payments in Ecommerce businesses in Romania is a substantial one from the point of view of the increase of sales and profit, also showing an increase in the number of mobile payments companies in the conditions of diversification of their services.
Keywords: mobile payment, E-commerce business, Fin Tech companies, digital disruption
JEL Classification: G21, G23, L81

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