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Introduction. Today is obvious that online users tend to have similar attitude when they use Internet services. Based on the devices they use (computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones) we can extrapolate some behavior that is common to all people.

Aim of the study. The main purpose of the paper is to illustrate how an average internet consumer is to be provided with information that is most of the time generated only to him. In the era of WEB 3.0, where some decisions are performed by software, information is generated based on some very strict rules about a certain user.
Keywords: Influencing online user behavior, WEB 3.0

Introduction. Due to the current global economic situation, all the companies are now involved in searching effective ways of improving efficiency and profitability. Many researchers  claim that the digital technologies are used to improve the decision making process for businesses. As shown by the recently published studies, the latest trend in information technology is “cloud computing”.

Aim of the study. Our research approach consisted in checking the perception of both MSc students enrolled to research and professional masters organized by the Faculty of Accounting and Management Information Systems and teaching staff who is teaching Accountingin Academy of Economic Study as regards the usefulness of adopting the “cloud computing” technologies by more and more Romanian companies.