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Double Blind Review Evaluation




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Rewiewers Guidelines


Reviewer selection
“Upon the receipt of a manuscript for consideration, the editors selects a minimum of five reviewers from the members of the international Editorial Review Board of ,,Manager’’ Journal to review the submitted manuscript on a double-blind basis. Assignment of reviewers is based on the current reviewer assignment load and also the number of manuscripts received throughout the year by each selected reviewer. As members of the Editorial Review Board, reviewers are expected to evaluate manuscripts sent to them in a timely and thorough manner. By providing constructive comments, even if the manuscript is not, in their opinion, publishable, the reviewers are doing a service to their colleagues. The comments made specifically to the author will be shared with them. Because this is a double-blind peer review system, authors will not know the identity of the reviewer and vice versa unless the reviewer decides to waive this anonymity by signing his/her name to the reviewer evaluation form.

Review Process
To ensure the high quality of published material, ,,Manager’’ Journal utilizes a group of experts to review submitted manuscripts. All submissions for ,,Manager’’ Journal will be received electronically. Upon the Editors receipt of the manuscript, a copy of the manuscript, along with a “Manuscript Evaluation Form,” will be sent to each selected reviewer for the manuscript. The journal’s “Guidelines for Manuscript Submissions” clearly state that the authors should not include any reference to their names or affiliations in the main body of the manuscript, and every effort will be made by the editors to make sure that no such reference is made in the manuscript prior to forwarding to reviewers. However, it is also the responsibility of the reviewer to notify the editors should any reference to the authors’ names be found in the main body of the manuscript.

Reviewers’ Responsibilities
Members of the international Editorial Review Board of ,,Manager’’ Journal are expected to review 6-8 manuscripts a year. Reviewers must return their reviews to the editors electronically in 15 days from the time the manuscript was received by the reviewer. Reviews should be extensive and constructive, and reviewers should avoid making any derogatory and unprofessional comments such as “my kids write better than this….” If, in the opinion of the reviewer, the manuscript is not publishable, the reviewer must make every attempt to provide extensive comments/feedback in regard to why the paper is not acceptable and to provide the authors with constructive directions. This is a professional service that we all provide to our colleagues in the hope of improving the overall quality of work in our discipline. All appropriate comments received are forwarded to the authors without revealing the reviewer’s identity since this is a double-blind peer review process. However, the reviewer has the option to waive this anonymity by signing his/her name to the reviewer evaluation form. (Note: should the reviewer feel that he/she is familiar with the identity of the authors of the submitted work, he/she must notify the editors regarding his/her concerns to make sure that the integrity of the double-blind peer review process is not compromised).