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  1. 1. Management Information Systems in Info-Documentation — 21 November 2012

    Authors:   • ~ Conf. univ. Agnes Erich, Afiliation: University Valahia Targoviste  • ~ Lecturer Ph.D. Niculina Vârgolici, Afiliation: Universtity of Bucharest
    Abstract: All civilizations used knowledge formally and informally in economic growth and in social development. In today’'s knowledge age intellect a

    Manager 8 - 2008 > Management Information Systems in Info-Documentation

  2. 2. The Bright New Financial System — 06 December 2012

    Authors:   • Associate Professor Adela Coman, Afiliation: Faculty of Bussines and Administration  • Senior Lecturer Florina Hahn, Afiliation: The North University of Baia mare, Faculty of Science
    Abstract: By the end of 2008, Mr. Paul Volcker gave financiers a devastating critique. “For all its talented participants, for all its rich rewards”

    Manager 9 - 2009 > The Bright New Financial System

  3. 3. Determinants Of Dividend Policy: A Study Of Selected Listed Firms In Nigeria — 26 August 2013

    Authors:   • Uwuigbe Olubukunola Ranti, email: bukola.uwuigbe@covenantuniversity.edu.ng, Afiliation: Department of Accounting, School of Business, College of Development Studies, Covenant University, Ogun State, Nigeria
    Abstract: This study investigated the determinants of dividends policy in the Nigerian stock exchange market. To achieve the objectives of this study, a tot

    Manager 17 - 2013 > Determinants Of Dividend Policy: A Study Of Selected Listed Firms In Nigeria

  4. 4. Macroprudential policies on banking system — 03 June 2015

    Authors:   • Ph. D. Student Ionuţ Mircea, email: ionutmircea78@yahoo.com, Afiliation: Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania
    Abstract: The macro-prudential tool kit deals with those risks that contributed to the outbreak of the last economic crisis or materialized during it, namely th

    Manager 21 - 2015 > Macroprudential policies on banking system

  5. 5. Competition and Information Asymmetry — 09 January 2017

    Authors:   • Ph. D. Student Cristiana Matei, email: crismatei2002@yahoo.com, Afiliation: The Romanian Academy, Romania
    Abstract: The paper highlights the fact that the market analysis is not fully based on information asymmetry, a concept highlighted by the theory developed in

    Manager 24 - 2016 > Competition and Information Asymmetry