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Metallurgy – an industry between traditional and sustainable management


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  1. Authors:
      • Ph. D. Associate Professor Cornelia Nistor, email: cornelia.nistor@faa.unibuc.ro, Afiliation: University of Bucharest, Faculty of Business and Administration, Bucharest, Romania
      • Ph. D. Lecturer Radu Herman, email: radu.herman@faa.unibuc.ro, Afiliation: University of Bucharest, Faculty of Business and Administration, Bucharest, Romania

      • 81|96

  2. Keywords: sustainable management, metallurgy, steel industry, industrial policies, energy consumption, greenhouse gases

  3. Abstract:
    Currently, the industry is a very important economic branch because the industrial products
    have a high share in the total final and intermediate consumption. Apart from the positive effects on the
    global consumption, the industrial activities have some negative economic and social effects and also on the
    environment. The sustainable management in industry should increase efficiency and reduce waste, should
    find new production methods so that the economic growth can be made with fewer natural resources, fewer
    materials - especially the rare ones, with less energy consumption from traditional resources and with more
    efficient technologies, with less negative effects on the human health and on the environment. The transition
    to a greener industry is an important issue for all the national economies and it is very important to
    adapt the legislation to the new trends and standards, to adopt new payment schemes, grants and green
    funds schemes, so as to encourage the industrial enterprises to increase the efficiency of the total resources
    consumption, to make the transition to greener activities, to use more green capital inputs, to produce more
    green products, to increase the collaboration with the public and the private sector.

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